By publicly announcing this association, which redraws the contours of one of the “French fishing” sectors, Sepoa Delgove, France Pélagique and Cornelis Vrolijk show the importance of thinking globally, on a European scale, while acting locally, on a territorial scale.

This innovative partnership strengthens Sepoa Delgove's position as the leader in French herring processing.

CC & FC: maritime registrations

At the Lagarde and Dhellemmes family, the sea brings people together and its trades are a source of passion. The various generations that have succeeded one another in the family business have made fishing and seafood processing a commitment. Over the decades, in the Normandy and Brittany ports of Fécamp and Concarneau, their businesses have developed. These two entrepreneurial dynamics, with singular and convergent trajectories, come together around a project of passion and reason.

A French and regional base :

Normandy & its port of Fécamp For 10 years, the companies have been working to maintain and develop a “French fishing” industry in Normandy, in the port of Fécamp. It is a question of principle, human values, economic responsibility and preservation of taste. To preserve this economic and taste heritage, Sepoa Delgove must control its production costs by working with shipowners who can supply perfectly frozen, graded fish of unequalled freshness at competitive prices. The association with Armement France Pélagique and Cornelis Vrolijk is therefore obvious. The complementarities are real and their common values give the project a strong anchor.

A trio & plural synergies :

the French & Dutch alliance As early as 2018, even before the health crisis revealed to the general public and to politicians the importance of maintaining and recreating industries on French territory, the managers of the three companies got together. It took two years to move from the idea to its realization.

French fisheries: encouraging economic
and social prospects

For the town of Fécamp and its port, this project will ensure the maintenance and continuity of the maritime salting industry, an essential part of this coastal town's heritage. Sepoa Delgove continues to innovate and gain market share in a highly competitive market. For Armement France Pélagique, this is an opportunity to sell part of its fishing on French territory in order to continue its involvement, in terms of employment, in and on this sector of activity.

From March 2021, French consumers will be able to buy this herring caught and processed in France at Auchan and Carrefour. Negotiations are underway with other retailers (supermarkets, organic food, etc.), showing the potential of this new French product. The promising prospects of this market are such that this trio of entrepreneurs is thinking about creating new “French fishing” products for the next few years, a great challenge for the future of its employees...